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MRP Insider

From opening up every MRP Driver Profile throughout the network to Detailed Driver Points, MRP Insider gives you in-depth information on your favorite driver. Users can view every year of Driver News, Event Schedules and Results in the MyRacePass app and on desktops.

MRP Driver Profiles

Profile Photo

Detailed Driver Biographies

Learn more about your favorite driver with MRP Driver Profiles. Receive unlimited access to all information available for that driver with MRP Insider.

Driver's Latest News

Driver's Latest News

Set your push notifications to active for MyRacePass so you'll get notified when your favorite driver adds a news article.

Driver's Event Schedules

Driver's Event Schedules

Easily view the current race schedule for your favorite driver or view where the driver raced 5 years ago.

Historical Information

Historic Race Schedules

Historic Race Schedules

Look through past race schedules for tracks, series and drivers to see what events they had scheduled in past years.

Historic Race Results

Historic Race Results

Take a trip back in time and look through historic results for tracks series and drivers. MRP Insider gives you access to select results dating back to 1949.

Detailed Championship Points


WISSOTA National Points

Easily access the official state, regional, Canada and national points standings for the WISSOTA sanctioning body. Fans can even keep track of the rookie of the year race as well.


USRA National Points

Stay up to date with the USRA sanctioning body with the official national points standings. Follow along with the official standings of the Southern, Northern and central region for all USRA sanctioned classes.

Points Breakdown

Race-by-Race Points Breakdown

Select a driver and see a breakdown of a night of racing including positions gained and points accumulated!

Advanced Information

Winner Summary

Winner Summary

Quickly and easily see all class winners from every race per day. There is even a nifty view to see every race winner of the night under the Event profile.

Advanced Event Filtering

Advanced Event Filtering

Filter Events view by Class, Sanction, Location and more to find what's important to you.

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