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Alex Reling Racing is back at his favorite race track Dillon Speedway! Alex’s last race here was back at the end of May. Why has it been so long since Alex has raced at Dillon Speedway? Because a decision had to be made weather continue to race at Dillon or race the Summer Shootout Series at Charlotte Motor Speedway for the first time. Unfortunately, Alex knew his Mom & Dad couldn’t do both, so the decision was made to race the Summer Shootout Series.

And now September 30 is our first time back to Dillon to race! Feels good to be back because even though home is 2 1/2 hours away, the workers, fellow racers and fans all make us feel welcome and we feel like Dillion Speedway is our “home away from home” race track!
It also could be that Alex has had great success racing here. The 2023 New Year’s Bash at Dillon was the very first race that Alex would compete in. At the 3 day event, Alex raced in 2 races. 33 Legend cars would start in both races. Race #1 Alex finished 6th and race 2 a sold 7th place finish. Not bad for his first 2 ever Legend races!
We started the season at Dillon, racing until the end of May and that last race, Alex was in 4th place, looking for a top 3 podium finish and coming to the checkered flag off turn 4, his spotter and Mom, saw Alex giving it his all, getting a little loose, said “hang on to it Alex, hang on and then GO GO GO ALEX, and he did just that, hung on to it and went for it, finishing 3rd!! Post race interview with Alex the fans all cheered for the 42!
And now, September 30 and he’s back to Dillon Speedway! Looking for his first win at his favorite track!
Alex would start 7th out of 19 Legend cars, and a fellow driver, now friend, Jake Locklear, who Alex met at the Summer Shootout Series, was racing his first time at Dillon. Jake would start on pole and lead the whole race and going on to win. BUT it was Alex Reling in his #42 Legend car that would challenge Jake for the lead! Giving the fans a chance to cheer Alex on. With 3 laps to go a caution came out and would line up single file to go back green. Alex just didn’t have enough on the restarts and would come home with a 3rd place finish.

Alex’s post race interview, the fans all clapped & cheered for him in his black, red & white #42 Legend car! And that is why Alex, his Mom & Dad LOVE DILLON SPEEDWAY!

Next race at Dillon is October 14! Stayed tuned. Will Alex get his very first win and his favorite track! Fingers crossed

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